Interesting Comparisons: 2019 & 2020 Ada County Real Estate

Our annual market summary for Ada County highlights some interesting and significant issues happening in the world of local residential real estate. In our report we offer side by side comparisons of statistics from year ending 2019 and 2020 for each MLS defined area. Learn which areas have increased the most in average price, which areas are most affordable over all, and get a glimpse of where the market may be heading in 2021.

Click the image to read the full report.

Significant issues of the year are:

that housing inventory (properties available to buy as of December 31st) has decreased

that, in spite of the decrease in inventory, unit sales have increased, and

because of the limited inventory, prices have
increased by about 14%.

To dig even deeper, ask your Group One Sotheby’s  agent to give you more specific information regarding your own opportunities in this market as it evolves.

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