Market Correction Continues…

The correction to our overly hot housing market continued through November with unit sales 9% lower than they were in November 2020. The slide in the number of transactions was caused by the rapid acceleration of prices. The average (at $609,206) and median (at $525,000) prices this November were both 26% higher than they were last November. Median days on market, at only 12, were 3 times higher than they were last November.

Pending contracts (transactions in escrow that have not yet closed) were 11% lower than they were at the end of last November, leading us to expect slightly lower unit sales in the next several months. As a corollary, inventory has doubled in the last 12 months although we still have only one month of available homes.

Existing homes, which make up 76% of November sales and 55% of November ending inventory, are still selling for about 12% more than new homes on a square foot basis, a reversal of the statistics in more normal markets.

Please click on the link below to read Fortune Magazine’s article on how national home prices have started to decelerate, which will have to happen here if local sales units are to increase.

Read Fortune Article Here

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