The Real Thing…

We love to look at numbers from the past and try to figure out what the numbers might be in the future. Sometimes this is insightful, sometimes it’s just a best guess. It can be helpful, hurtful, scary, or exciting to compare and forecast. And sometimes the numbers can speak for themselves!

In reality, our real estate market in the Treasure Valley is very strong. This is real news. Despite world news, despite the worries of the U.S. economy, and even in spite of many negative opinions and statements we hear and read this is real.

The greater Boise area is the real thing. Nothing has changed with the wonderful people, the wonderful outdoors, or even our wonderful weather. Even May snow is wonderful! People still want to live here, that is real.

So the real estate numbers today show a slowing of the crazy we have been experiencing but sales are strong, down just 11.5% in Ada County and slightly UP in Canyon County. Pending sales have slowed just a little and although active inventory is more than double what it was at the end of April 2021, it is still significantly lower than at the same time in 2019 and 2020. We need inventory for a healthy market.

Let our insights be grateful and positive. Let our guesses and forecasts be hopeful. We have many real things and many good things in our Valley. Let us find and embrace the good news in the world as we enjoy the strong real estate market locally.

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