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Easygoing, small-town life is just a short drive away from bustling Boise. Here, you’ll still find folks wearing cowboy hats, a thriving agricultural economy, and enough space to ride horses or just take a break from it all.


Located in Gem County, close to the Oregon border, Emmett sits at the intersection of two 19th century stage and pack train routes. Its location close to the Payette River made it attractive to early settlers, and later irrigation made it a hub for fruit growers. Emmett’s annual Cherry Festival, which has been held for more than 80 years, marks the area’s rich ag history.


Today, Emmett is still small — fewer than 8,000 residents — but with a steadily growing population. Downtown Emmett features mom-and-pop shops, established restaurants, and friendly people. If you’re looking for a town where everyone knows your name but still gives you the space to live your life, Emmett is your place.


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