Hidden Springs

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Hidden Springs is minutes away from Boise, but it feels miles away — and that’s by design. This relatively new planned community has all of the benefits of a small town, including its own pool, school, events, mercantile, post office, fire station, clubhouse, and style of housing. It even boasts its own farm and orchard for residents, who can “adopt” an apple tree or get lost in its corn maze in the fall.


Situated next to the Boise Foothills, Hidden Springs includes nearly 1,000 acres of open space reserved for trails, wildlife, recreation, and agriculture. Yet it’s a short commute into Boise, offering the best of both urban and country living.


Homes in Hidden Springs are modern but harken back to an earlier way of life, with wide front porches and classic details. Easy access to the community’s own park and safe streets makes Hidden Springs a great choice.

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